Ladies and Gentlemen of the Craven County Republican Party,

I am humbled and honored that you have elected me to be your Chairman. I will do my best to meet or exceed your expectations. To that end, I am writing to present you with my vision and priorities. I am open to your constructive feedback and comments.

My vision for the next two years is to capitalize on the enthusiasm and interest in our Republican Party. Our precinct meeting attendance and our convention attendance were up by 50% from previous years. In my opinion, this is because conservatives have finally realized that if they are not engaged in the fight for freedom every single day (not just election day) that we will be overcome by the Democrat agenda and lose our country. I am excited that so many people want to be involved.  I want to develop a four-year calendar of events to be more predictable so that we can better plan and execute our events, such as fundraisers, Get-Out-The-Vote activities, and all aspects of the elections. I want to increase participation in our current clubs but also expand club opportunities to our younger Republicans and our youth. These new clubs enable us to educate our voters and future voters on the principles of freedom, equality, and justice (upon which our country was founded) and they become our development program for future party leaders and future candidates. I want our Executive Committee to have a transparent decision-making process for all aspects of our activities. I want to increase communication with our Republican Party members to keep them informed of our activities as an Executive Committee but also aware of areas where they may get involved and engage both their communities and their elected representatives.

To that end, I developed the following priorities:

1. We must urge the Craven County Board of Commissioners on April 5th to pass the resolution making elections of the Board of Education members partisan. Then we must recruit, vet, train, and elect Republican candidates for the Board of Education elections in Districts 2, 4, and 6 in November 2022. We must support Lt Governor Mark Robinson in his efforts to root out indoctrination in our schools.

2. We must elect a Republican to the US Senate during the 2022 election. We cannot as a party endorse a particular candidate during the Republican Primary, but we absolutely must be all-in for our Republican candidate in the November election.

3. We must support our General Assembly in both chambers during committee meetings and floor votes on crucial legislation for election integrity and curbing the Governor’s overreach of executive power (regardless of the party of the Governor). This support also includes opposing any Federal government overreach into our state’s constitutional responsibilities to conduct elections, our state’s right to limit abortions, or any attempt to impede our right to bear arms.

4. We must maintain, and if possible, increase our majorities in the NC General Assembly. To this end, we must continue to elect Republican representatives just as we elected Senator Norm Sanderson and Representatives Keith Kidwell and Steve Tyson. We must also continue the success we had in 2020 and elect more Republican Judges to the NC Court of Appeals (4 seats) and the NC Supreme Court (2 seats) in 2022.

5. We must establish and build county-wide clubs for Young Republicans (CCYR), Teenage Republicans (CCTaRs), and College Republicans (CCCR). We are looking for volunteers to lead these clubs. We, as a party, will assist those volunteers with initial resources, logistics, and training to include linking them up with the representatives of the state-level federations for those clubs. Please contact me if you are interested in either leading or joining one of these clubs.

6. We must publish a monthly newsletter and social media video of all future political activities and opportunities of active political participation of which we are aware. We must ensure that our Republican members are educated on those issues and aware of the time, location, and method for engagement to ensure their individual and collective voices are heard.

7. We must recruit a full executive committee and align their duties and responsibilities to the Plan of Organization. We have openings for a General Counsel, Member-at-Large (MAL) Community Outreach, MAL Administration, and MAL Logistics. Please contact me if you are interested.

We must win the war for our children, our culture, our freedom, and our future! And we need your involvement to do this.

I look forward to working with all of you and I appreciate your constructive feedback and ideas.

In Your Service,

Bob Brinson

Chairman, Craven County Republican Party


[email protected]